Benefits of Truck-Mount Carpet Cleaning, Rexburg, ID

The Benefits of Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning-Rexburg, ID

The basis of this method is known as Hot Water Extraction (HWE). It comes in 2 forms: one is electric powered portable carpet cleaning machines, and another one is Fuel powered truck-mounted machines. The latter use positive displacement vacuum blowers that are able to rinse carpets of large volumes.


Portable devices are hard to be compared with electric truck mount carpet cleaning, since they cannot provide you extreme powerful vacuum suction. They are still good if you have nothing else, but their drawback is that they are too much depended on electricity.“Truck mounted” means that a carpet cleaning machine is sitting on a truck or inside of a van. Very often it is a standalone unit, which is really powerful and requires nothing more but water connection from client’s residence or business. This truck mount carpet cleaning equipment provides a simultaneous combination of powerful vacuum extraction and hot water / steam injection. Such combination not only allows you to have your carpets professionally cleaned but gets them dry as well.


Another difference between portable and truck mount carpet cleaning is in the water pressure. You will need really high water pressure to have your carpets nicely leaned especially if their volumes are large. Also higher water pressure allows washing off the cleaning solution better. It is important because if some cleaning agent will remain in the carpet after cleaning is finished it may cause the carpet to get dirty again even faster, since it will attract more soil and dirt.


Portable cleaning equipment is capable to produce 125-150 PSI, whereas the carpet cleaning solution must be rinsed off of your carpet at 300-400 PSI. Even used truck mount carpet cleaning machines are able to achieve this. New ones can go as high as 3000 PSI, but it is used only for hard surfaces. High water pressure helps to remove the soil and dirt better.


Carpet cleaning truckmount unit uses more vacuum power than any of the portable devices. Such high vacuum power allows truck mount carpet steam cleaning machines to make the carpet dry in 4-6 hours or even less. Portable carpet cleaning machinesdo not have such capability; most of them will require overnight to get the carpet completely dry. Of course it is not very convenient to the customer; moreover it can cause stains to wick back up to the surface.


There are gas powered truck mount carpet cleaning machines; they use a “heat exchanger” to heat the water up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally, you will need higher water pressure, hotter water and better vacuum suction if you want some reallygood overall cleaning.


Truck mount carpet cleaning equipment is  great; it gives you the best result over the considerably short time. Also, youdon’t need to worry that your carpet may be damaged during the cleaning process or the work can be done unprofessionally. Call Pristine Carpet Cleaning in Rexburg, Idaho today!