How often should I have my upholstery cleaned? Rexburg, ID

It is not always readily apparent when your carpet is in need of cleaning due to the fact that carpet is designed to hide dirt and does so very well.  However, most of us, do make a habit of vacuuming the carpet once or twice a week to remove some of that dirt that has been tracked in or absorbed from air circulation in our homes.  This helps to extend the amount of time between cleanings carpet can go and reduce long term wear on the carpet.  Now what about your upholstery?  Couches, Love seats, chairs, drapes and other upholstery all absorb dirt, and oils off of our clothes, our pets, and the air in our homes.  Your upholstery is very capable of absorbing nearly as much dirt from circulating air in your home as your carpet is, and thus, should be vacuumed just as often as the  carpet is, rarely is this the case though.


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According to the American Furniture Manufacturers Association upholstery should not become soiled to the point of noticeable visible change in the color of the fabric.  For most people this will mean having your upholstery cleaned every 18-24 months.  Of course a couch which is used multiple times by multiple people per day, or the dogs favorite chair will absorb more soils and need cleaning more often, and the love seat in your front sitting room which is used twice a year will not need cleaning quite as often.  Our technicians will be more than happy to test pieces of furniture for you to see how much dirt your upholstery is holding onto, what we can remove, and what the visual result will be.  If the piece has spots, spills, or other accidents we can handle those too!  The important thing to remember whether carpet or furniture is designed to hide the dirt it absorbs, once it becomes a visibly dirty you're at boiling point.  


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