Is it better to wear shoes or go barefoot on carpet?-Rexburg, ID


Many people think that going barefoot on carpet is best.  Not true – you’re better off in socks or clean, rubber soled shoes, here’s why:


Your skin naturally produces oil.  That oil will transfer from your foot to the carpet, leaving trace amounts of oil across the surface of your carpet fibers.


Oil on your carpet, even in tiny amounts, is not good.  Oil attracts dust, dirt and dander.  So when you go barefoot in your home, you’re leaving oil on the surface of the carpet then soil is attracted to it.  You won’t notice a difference immediately since the oil on your feet is minimal.  Although, over time the oil will build up.


Wear your shoes or socks – your shoes will track in dust, dander and even mud.  But shoes will typically leave behind dry soil that can be vacuumed up.  Ideally, a pair of clean slippers at the front door will keep your carpet looking it’s best.  Just slip off the out-door shoes, and put on the indoor slippers when you make the transition from outside to in.


So to answer the timeless question; is it better to wear shoes or go barefoot on carpet?  The answer is socks or clean, rubber-soled shoes.

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